How to Choose the Right VoIP Plan for Your Business

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VoIP boasts a large amount of benefits and today, more and more business are making the switch from a traditional phone system to VoIP. Regardless of the size of your business, you can receive the great benefits of VoIP including saving on startup fees and monthly maintenance bills. The key to a successful VoIP phone system is finding the right VoIP provider who offers plans that fit your specific business needs. A great VoIP provider should offer two plan options: a flat rate plan and usage-based plan.

  1. Do you have huge telephone bills?

VoIP prices are very reasonably priced, and the quality is similar to land line phone calls. Most VoIP services offer monthly subscriptions, which include free local calls and low-priced international calls. A VoIP provider can save you up to 75% on your telephone/long distance expenses. If you make a lot of international calls, shop around and check out the different VoIP plans for prices to the countries you call the most.

What is a flat-rate plan?

A flat-rate plan is the most common among businesses. Most companies will find a flat-rate plan will provide the most savings, and give the peace of mind that comes from knowing how much the bill will be each month, regardless of usage. This plan is ideal for companies with regular phone use and businesses who have employees who work in offices of home offices with broadband internet. A great VoIP service provider will offer unlimited free minutes for typical business use with no charge for long distance anywhere in the continental US or Canada. If you find yourself doing a lot of business long distance, the flat-rate plan might be ideal for you. A few benefits that a good VoIP service provider should offer include: unlimited minutes, free long distance, free ACD queues, free toll-free, free conferencing, and free faxing.

Are you still paying extra for telephone features?

VoIP providers are well-known for offering an incredible array of features with their monthly service. Some of the features that come as part of your monthly subscription may include: 3-way calling, 911 emergency dialing, area code selection and etc.

What is a usage-based plan?

This plan is ideal for smaller companies who want the same benefits of VoIP that is offered to larger businesses but don’t use the phone often enough to benefit from a flat-rate plan. This plan is ideal for employees on cell phones and landlines and users pay only for minute used. A good VoIP provider will offer unlimited users as well. As a small business, you can receive the great benefits and features of VoIP but at a cost that fits your budget and needs. A good VoIP provider will offer you unlimited users, free long distance, free conferencing, free toll-free, and free faxing.

Before taking the leap to VoIP, consider your business needs and what exactly you will benefit from financially. Do your research and find a VoIP provider that will offer you a plan that fits your budget and needs so you can truly experience the benefits of VoIP including extra features and of course, the cost saving benefits for your business.

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